Huangyao Ancient Town


Huangyao Ancient Town is the one of the most popular destinations for foreign travelers. This town has a history more than hundreds of years. The original one can be dated back to the Song Dynasty. It is 200km far from Guilin, located in the Northeast of Zhaoping County town.

Huangyao was built during the Wanli Period (1573-1620) of the Ming Dynasty, and reached its prime during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The family names of the townspeople were mainly Huang and Yao, hence the town became known as “Huangyao Town”. The town is most famous for its mountains with caves, pavilions, temples, ancestor hills, old trees and tables.

Every comer of the town presents typical Chinese scene and presents a marvelous photo views. It has been described as that: “Huangyao town as a millennium collection, have been forgotten in the library quiet on the shelves when people come inadvertently turned this beautiful chapter, simple and elegant style to conquer the hearts of the people.”

Traditional culture in Huang Yao Town

The locals here make use of numbers to symbolize good luck, respect and well wishes. The modest slates of Huangyao‘s streets also feature this characteristic. On the main commercial streets, the slabs of slate are in odd numbers, like three, five and seven. The numbers reflect the importance of these streets, and the slates are incised into the same size, smoothness and plane. The number of slates fronting a household is often three, with some wealthier families having five or seven. But some small alleys and extensions of main streets are made up of even-number slates or gravel.

Water is a necessity of daily life and vital to the irrigation of farmlands, so the Chinese fengshui theory attributes great importance to water. It holds that it is good for the people if a river near their dwelling bends around. Huangyao Town is embraced by flows of winding water, therefore, according to Chinese fengshui, Huangyao is an ideal place for people to live. On a practical level, water running peacefully along a winding channel will provide greater convenience for daily life.

And so these rich natural resources gave birth to Huangyao Town, and sustained its development in this isolated environment. The people in Huang Yao ancient town celebrate two important festivals, one third of the third lunar month, in the old stage to sing opera; the other one is Fourteen in the lunar calendar, the Five-Year Plan Two days, there was a festival custom of He Shen, which is a grapefruit-point night lights on the river, lasting around 2.5 hours.

Local specialities in Huang Yao ancient town are the Huang Yao tofu, mushroom fried rice cake, sweet potato as well as tea, are famous around Guangxi Province. People in Huang Yao were very hospitable, if you chat with anyone, most likely they will ask you to their home to eat, if you want to try the rice farm, you definitely can.

For anyone interested to visit HuangYao town, we can help you to organise private transportation to Huangyao from either Yangshuo or Guilin with or without English speaking driver or English/French speaking guides. The entrance fee is currently 100Y per person with a 20Y discount for children between 1.2-1.4m. Only children below 1.2m can still visit this town for free.

Huangyao Ancient Town is repute as “a dreamland for families”. Covering a total area of 3.6 square kilometers, it features the typical karst geography. All the ancient streets are built in stones. The slide ground is smooth as a mirror so that this town is clean in visitors’ eyes.

【Ming Style Relics】
The natural attractions include eight large ones and 24 small ones with about 20 well-preserved temples and more than 10 pavilions. These sites are all built in the Ming Dynasty style. Famous ones includes Wenming Pavilion, Xingning Temple, Shizi Temple, Ancient Performance Platform, Wu family ancestral hall, Zuolong Temple, Dailong Bridge, etc.

【Wenming Pavilion】
This temple was built on the mountain. It functions as a worship site of the locals. Just climbing up from the Wenming Pavilion, there is a platform for locals to pray rainy days during the drought season (a custom in Chinese local countryside.). Viewing from here, you can see the leisure countryside scene with clean river and green fields. Children would like to have some activities such as seeing fireworks and having barbecue on the lawn which is located under the Wenming Pavilion.

【Zhou’s Family Reservoir】
On the direction to Zhaoping, there is a reservoir as a scenic area now. About 20 bamboo rafts for people to use freely. Be careful when you are standing on the bamboo raft. On the way to the reservoir, beautiful scenery along both sides will company with you. The special yellow soil and brick wall with zigzag fields describes a tender picture.

What to Eat in Haungyao

► Huangyao tofu is a major feature of the local dishes, stuffed bean curd and bean curd, both should try.
► Huangyao still fresh mushroom, mushroom fried rice cake, vegetables also Xiantian, carp and grass carp markets.
► Huangyao also sell tea; Huang Yao famous lobster sauce, for seasoning.


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